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The Final Trawl is a preparedness and survival blog that centers its content around prepping on a budget, practical advice, gear reviews, how to's, and political commentary on current events.

We want to thank our readers for beginning this journey with us. You are not just another page view. You are not just another nameless body reading these digitized words. Each one of you is unique and worthwhile. You are an individual who was born into this world to fulfill a job that only you can do.

By spending time with us on The Final Trawl, you strengthen the hope that this "trawl" will reap a great catch and not an empty net. Whether we discuss prepping, politics, gear, guns or just shoot the breeze - know that we do it all with you in mind.

As to our purpose, we find ourselves in the midst of a great storm. In light of this world's mounting fiscal uncertainty it is increasingly obvious only two courses of action are left to us, the general public.

We batten down the hatches and weather the storm . . . or sink.

The waves which we have dared to sail in pursuit of greater things now threaten to overtake this great human enterprise we call civilization. Batton down the hatches and all hands on deck! It's time for us to get to work.

Questions or comments on prepping, survival, guns, or gear? Email us at thefinaltrawl [at] gmail [dot] com and follow us on Facebook, G+ and Twitter. We'd love to hear from you, and who knows, you might end up on the blog.

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    Retreat Property: It’s not going to buy itself

    I realize most of our readers, like myself, do not have access to exorbitant amounts of money. Why we might not be paycheck to paycheck, the idea of dropping $50,000 or more on 50 acres just doesn’t seem fiscally possible. I would wager if money wasn’t an issue, most of us would not only own our little peace of mind out in the country, but would probably be living there full time with a five year supply of food and enough bullets and band aids to start a small war.

    “I’m having trouble keeping the mortgage, food, cars, and insurance under control … please don’t give me some speech about how I need to be saving for land …”

    I hear you, and I hate the spiraling economy, inflation, and increasing living costs as much as you do. Think back to 2000 and how far you could stretch your dollar, but don’t linger too long or it’ll make you sick.

    That being said, I have a bit of bad news. I do not believe the price of land is ever going to be cheaper than it is right now. You can’t buy as much now for $50,0000 as you could ten years ago, and I can promise you won’t be able to buy in ten years what you could have now.

    “You’re not listening. I don’t have that kind of money … I probably never will …”

    You might have started your adult life with damn near nothing, but now you’re sitting on your computer ($600) with your high speed internet ($50 x 12 months = $600) and reading this article from the comfort of your very own house or apartment (1,000/month). Or maybe you’re scrolling down this page on your smart phone ($250 + 24 month contract = $2650).

    What most people need to get going on their dream of owning land is a reevaluation in priorities and to take a good hard look at all the materialistic crap they’ve spent years throwing money into.

    Smart phones, flat screens, high speed internet, expensive cars, designer clothes, high end “organic only” supermarkets, fifty pairs of shoes of which you only wear five, gadgets, super expensive makeup, “tacticool” crap for your “evil black gun” … the list goes on. Stop and take a good look around the house. Be honest with yourself. How much money have you thrown away in the last decade?

    If you examine your spending habits and don’t find yourself in the above category, there are other things you can do to lower living costs and start putting aside your “land fund.” Bargain brands, you and your partner skip going out to eat four times a month ($240), carpool or take the bus to work, keep vacations in state and within driving distance, switch from 94858 digital channels with HBO to basic cable …

    I’m not a financial planner, nor do I know what’s going to be best for your situation. I’m just trying to get you in the right state of mind. I want to get you thinking. Get motivated. Make a financial goal. Make a plan to reach that goal. Make a time line. Make it happen.

    No one is going to do it for you. Wishing at it and planning your “ultimate bug out location” isn’t helping either. We don’t want pipe dreams. We want results. Can you go in on some land with a longtime friend? Extended family? This can cut the cost in half!

    Think long and hard. What is your reason for wanting to secure this land? Is it for yourself? Your family? Fear of where our country is headed? The need to be self sufficient? Write down every single reason you can think of and stick that piece of paper on your bathroom mirror. Look at those reasons every day. That is why you’re making sacrifices. That is why failure to realize this goal not an option.

    Make a check list with incremental financial goals leading up to your property cost. Put it where you have to see it daily! Check them off. Your progress will motivate you. Think about what those that came before you had to give up in order to settle your family into the greatest country in the world.

    I will leave you with this final thought. In a hundred and fifty years time, when you and everyone that ever knew you has long since passed. When your great, great, great grandchildren are praying around the dinner table at night with their families … your decedents … don’t you want them to thank God for their great, great, great grandparents? That they had the foresight to secure a homestead for them when land wasn’t $50,000 an acre. That they made sacrifices so that subsequent generations wouldn’t have to.

    Chances are history will not remember you. Make sure your great grandchildren will.

    By: Will Archer

    The Final Trawl

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